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In the pioneer days of the internet, only a few websites were available on the internet. And there was practically no competition. But over the past few years, digitization has been in a rage. And this can be seen by comparing the number of websites that have been born. And as a business owner, it has become a necessity to own and maintain a website. Without a genuine website, it is very difficult to run a business. The Internet is the densest source of customers. Only a fool would agree to skip such a golden opportunity.

But just creating a website is not enough. There are hundreds of websites out there, and they are all competing for one thing- Rank 1 on the search list. And this is not easy; there is a lot of competition out there. Imagine you created a website for your business, but instead of attracting customers, it is dormant? Wouldn't that be a waste of your business?

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Similar problems were being faced by the Aquafresh Prime website. This is an informative website that circles around the functionality of Aquafresh water purifiers, guest posts and Amazon affiliate program. And with their simple website, they were unable to attract many customers. Best SEO Company Canada too into consideration their request and made certain changes to their website. 

Our focus was to elevate the viewership of this website. And the first thing we did was re-designing the website and making it more customer-friendly. At the same time, we improved the mobile compatibility of this website. This made it easier for the Aquafresh Prime website to load on compact devices like a mobile phone.

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As a result, the customer experience was improved, and so was the viewership. Customers tend to return to those websites which are well designed and have simplest command operations. We modified the Aquafresh Prime website and made it more customer compatible. We also improved the speed of this website, and this resulted in reduced load duration. This also had a significant positive impact on their website ranking.

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We also used proper keywords in the content, which made it possible for search engines to notice the Aquafresh Prime site in the sea of websites. These keywords make sure that no matter what, Aquafresh Prime shows up in relevant search results. Back-linking is another factor that we focused on. 

We helped Aquafresh Prime connect with websites of similar genres. And these strong backlinks generate a sense of authenticity in the search engines. Not only did back-linking provide support to the website, but it also improved their SEO. As a result, more and more customers started visiting the website. And this resulted in increased revenue!

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