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We bring you the most affordable content writing packages

Content is what makes up your websites. This is the primary factor that attracts customers to your website. Therefore it needs to be the best- rid of all grammatical errors. Good literature attracts customers, and a bad one drives them away.

If you are on the hunt for creative content writers, we have some stunning & high quality Search engine optimized content writing services for you! Our copywriters will turn your website into a customer magnet.
Writing for the web may get tricky sometimes.

You might have the most engaging content up on your website but still no traffic. What you need is content that is optimized for customers and search engines. This is the secret ingredient that would make your website popular overnight.

Our web content writing services excel in producing genuine and seo optimized content​. ​Optimized articles are sure to fetch you more customers. And more customers means more revenue & profits in your pocket!
  • ​Word Count 500
  • ​No of Content 5
  • ​Price Per Content $14
  • ​Keywords 3
  • ​Seo Optimized
  • ​Grammar Check
  • ​Duplicate Check
  • ​Proof Read
  • ​Revisions
  • ​Delivery 3 - 6 Days

​Only CAD 70

  • ​Word Count 500
  • ​No of Content 10
  • ​Price Per Content $13
  • ​Keywords 3
  • ​Seo Optimized
  • ​Grammar Check
  • ​Duplicate Check
  • ​Proof Read
  • ​Revisions
  • ​Delivery 6 - 9 Days

​Only CAD 130

  • ​Word Count 500
  • ​No of Content 50
  • ​Price Per Content $12
  • ​Keywords 3
  • ​Seo Optimized
  • ​Grammar Check
  • ​Duplicate Check
  • ​Proof Read
  • ​Revisions
  • ​Delivery 21 - 30 Days

​Only CAD 600

What Makes ​us your perfect ​content crafting buddy?​

  • With us, you get 100% authentic content.
  • In-depth research is done prior to content generation.
  • SEO writing is our specialty.
  • High yielding keywords are used to make your content more search engine friendly.
  • Through our professional content writers and editors, you get 100% error-free articles.
  • Punctuation's and grammar are taken care of.
  •  Our articles are written in a simple language which makes it easy to read and understand.
  • Our content is plagiarism-free.
  • Our copywriting services are extremely affordable.
  • You can contact us at any time, and we would be available at your service.

Content Writing ​for your small business

There is no doubt writing is a gift, and professional content writing services are not cheaper. At Best SEO Company Canada, we deliver economical content and article writing services. We are very creative, imaginative and innovative with our quality content delivery.

Our flair for website content writing service is incredible. Our goal is to translate your thoughts into compelling words. This is what makes us the best content writing services company in Canada.

seo optimized content writing company in canada

​SEO Optimized ​content ​is our specialty

​If you ​are searching for quality ​content crafting services, you are at the correct place. We are a quality ​targeted and affordable ​content agency. We focuses on ​seo​ based writing style that is useful and understandable for your readers and search engines. ​Content ​developed by us for your website is well optimized, and helps growth of your business and audience.

This is the ​primary reason we offer a wide range of ​online content​ services, to satisfy all your ​professional content ​requirements. Our ​​experts have tremendous experience in ​writing various types of ​niches. ​From article writing, blogs, press release to content for landing pages. ​​Our prolific native English Writers ​are tested and trusted to deliver ​best ​for all online ventures.

seo optimized content writing company in canada

we offer research based Professional ​Content

​Our Professionals will help you to connect appropriately with your audience. Our ​content ​offer unparalleled creativity, quality, and fluidity. We ​are a pro content ​crafting agency and we make dedicated research before ​delivering your ​work.

We deliver well optimized and seo ​focused content. We are a full fledged Digital Marketing Agency and ​fully understand that Internet run on quality content.

why hire us ?

E-mail Newsletters

​Work with precisely written content​, ​you will improve conversions. Newsletters help you keep in touch with your prospects and customers. You need relevant content for newsletters to increase conversion rates.

SEO Content

Our proven seo ​optimized content will help to improve your Search Engine ranks especially on Google. You need the right Title Tags, META Description and On-page, website content writing services to rank higher on Google.

Product Description

Sell more products with excellent product descriptions that would compel your prospective buyers to become your loyal customers. We are well experienced in delivering all types of ​e commerce content.

Press release

A press release is a way of announcing to the world that you have something important to say. Let’s you say it the right ​way. We offer ​press release writing services that helps you get noticed in press and social media.


​Great ​seo optimized content ​creation services is an excellent way to build authority. Our compelling articles will help you stand out. Our ​website content writing services will help you build trust, expertise, and influence. ​

​Blog Posts ​

​​Increase your exposure and ​SEO rankings with original ​quality ​crafted content. Internet Marketing depend largely on great blog posts. We write blogs that ultimately help you to improve your footprints.

Website Content

You want your prospects to convert to customers, and this is what we would help you achieve. ​Quality Content and article writing services ​will inspire visitors to take action is what we deliver. ​

Social Media Posts

Engage your social media fans and followers with interactive, and compelling​ ​content. ​Be in front of your prospects, with fresh posts ​​to make a robust social media ​presence on Facebook​, ​Tumblr and more..

​Frequently asked Questions

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​​Why should I choose ​Best Seo Company Canada for my content creation needs?

​​Content make up the core of your website. And under all conditions, you need to nail this, if you want your website to grow. And we are here to genuinely support you, as we provide the best article, blog and web content writing services.

​​​Will my content be seo optimized?

​Having engaging content is not enough; you need it well optimized. And this is what we specialize in. We, as a content writing agency, excel in delivering 100% genuine and optimized content. And this ​specially targeted content will definitely bring in a lot of customers.

​​​​What if I am not satisfied with the content writing service that you provide?

​​It is a possibility that you might find some flaws in the created ​content. But we are all ears when it comes to modification. Revisions and editing services are, by default, included in our well-crafted writing packages.

Is the content 100% original?

​Your website is nothing if there is no original content on it. You might even be penalized by search engines for having plagiarized content. And this is why we keep in mind that no matter what, our content is 100% original and plagiarism free.

Do I really need a content ​agency?

​Hiring a content writing agency might seem a bit overrated. Why should you hire a professional when you can do it all by yourself? But in reality, content creation is not as easy as it seems, and over time, the quality of self-written articles might decrease.

​​How much do you charge for your content writing services?

​​You must have been awed by the content on your competitor websites. Maybe this is the reason why their websites get more traffic. But don’t worry, now you can have similar content and that too for a very nominal price.

​​Can I get a sample article so that I can assess your writing skills?

​We understand that you need to test out potential before you decide to work with us. Do you need a sample article? All you need to do is clearly state your need, and we will write a sample article for you.

​​How can content spinning harm my website?

​Imagine if you were a content writer, and instead of creating content yourself, you used software to twist some pre-written articles. This is called spinning and is deeply shunned by search engines. Using spun articles might lead to your website getting banned.

​​What niches do you cover?

​​What do you need- lifestyle content? Food content? Technical content? We cover anything and everything. We have skilled professionals who are quite adaptive. We understand your needs and intend to work accordingly. Your website will soon be full of genuine content.

​​Post payment & delivery , who owns the content? 

​Some people have concerns about hiring website copywriters. You might be having questions regarding your authority on the content we write for you. To solve all your problems, ​we clearly state that the written content is your property once its paid for in full and delivered to you.


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