Boost your business with Facebook affiliate marketing in Ontario.

Facebook affiliate marketing in Ontario is the new marketing sensation. Did you know that globally, the average user spends almost an hour per day on Facebook? Considering that an average person sleeps eight hours a day, it means that about 7% of our waking hours are spent with our eyes glued to the social network. Imagine the amount of attention you can draw to your business. Online presence is a must have for every business in today’s world. It’s time that you improve your social media presence if you haven’t already.

Does it really help?

Now you must be thinking, “will it really make a difference? After all, Facebook is just for posting photos and videos and memes, right?”. Wrong. The social media giant has evolved to become one of the most powerful platforms for advertisement. In fact, Facebook earns most of its revenues through advertisements. And that is the reason Facebook marketing for small business in Ontario is becoming a trend now. Let me list down some benefits that you can expect:

Increased brand awareness

While scrolling through your Facebook feeds you must have noticed the number of ads that pop-up. Implementing social media marketing will let you engage with a broad audience of consumers which, in turn, will greatly increase your brand recognition. If you can get employees, business partners, and sponsors to “like” and “share” your page, the shared posts will be introduced to a new network of individuals. These new individuals could become potential customers, and the more people who know about your business, the better. These are business specific, suppose you are a realtor, you will be suggested with Facebook marketing for realtors in Ontario. 

More inbound traffic

Without a social media marketing strategy, you’ll not be able to reach anyone outside your loyal customer circle. Your Facebook page could be a gateway to your website. Facebook is a hub of different types of people with varying backgrounds and behaviors. With different people, come different needs and different ways of thinking. You’ll be able to explore the nuances of your domain that you didn’t know about.

Facebook affiliate marketing in Ontario

Improved search engine rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for achieving higher page rankings and driving traffic to your website. While social media doesn’t directly increase search engine rankings, Social Media Examiner states that more than 58% of marketers who have been using social media for one year or longer see improved search engine rankings.

Drive relevant traffic to your website

Have you ever noticed how you search for, let’s say, a pair of shoes on Amazon or eBay and later the same pair of shoes show up as an ad on Facebook? That’s how powerful Facebook ads are! It shows your ad to people who are actually looking for a product similar to yours. Thus, It increases the chances of driving more relevant traffic to your website- the ones who can become actual customers. If you approach a Facebook marketing consultant in Ontario they will show you live examples.

Get Cost-effective Facebook affiliate marketing in Ontario

Facebook marketing is possibly the most cost-efficient part of an advertising strategy. You can sign up and create a profile for free, and any paid promotions you decide to invest in are a relatively low cost compared to other marketing tactics.

What next?

Now that you are convinced that Facebook marketing is the way to go, you may feel overwhelmed once you begin. You must be thinking about how to manage yet another side of marketing when there’s already so much going on in your business. So why not leave it to the experts?

So if you’re looking for a Facebook marketing consultant in Ontario. Contact the experts for advanced Facebook marketing in Ontario, and boost your Facebook presence from today.