How to select a catchy domain name for small business?

​Let's assume you own a small business. You are looking forward to getting more customers and expansion. It is very important to be careful with your domain name. How to select a perfect domain for your business?

1. Using the best domain extensions (.com, .net, .org)

You need to know that .com is the best one on this date. 43% of all the domain names are .com, and it is very easy to remember and use. 

In case when .com is taken, go for .net or .org. You should avoid opting for any other extension and if they are taken too, it’s time to find the new domain name.

2. It should be brandable.

Make sure that your domain is unique and it can be easily memorized. Don't keep it difficult to pronounce or read and don't stuff it up with keywords.  Because bestwebtools .com, Websitetools .net, getperfectwebtools .org these might be confusing to separate and be uniquely identified. Whereas Shopify and Webflow are easy and brandable. Also, you can create your own "unique" words. That's what almost every big website did. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Opera - none of it is really an "English" word defined by Oxford. 

They made their own name which remained one of a kind till date. Therefore, whenever you say any famous business name like Yahoo - the business logo pops up into your mind and not it's meaning or anything unrelated. That's the power - Did you ever try to know the word meaning of Facebook or Instagram? Hell, no. So, keep it unique, catchy and memorable.

3. Short is always better!

It is statistically proven that the domains which shorter name tend to get more traffic. Sounds absurd?

Try to keep your domain name character length under 14 characters and above six characters. 

4. It should be easy to spell.

Think of any famous name - Google, CNN, Opera etc. For the first time itself, you could very easily type its spelling after hearing its name. There are no "silent letters" or letters with a different pronunciation.

Don't make your domain name complicated; keep it very easy to spell and type. 

5. Say No to Hyphens and Numbers

Imagine that you pick up your phone, go to the search bar and type something super quick. Let it be "Facebook". You can easily type it within 1.5 to 2 seconds.

What if it was Face-book34? You would have to switch your keyboard from alphabetical keyboard to symbolic one thrice. Also, you would be facing a hard time pronouncing and remembering it.

Isn't it?

Therefore, make sure your domain name is just alphabets, and no symbols, hyphens and numbers are included. This will help you create a brand image of your business in your customer's and visitor's mindset easily. 


Keep it easy; keep it simple. Avoid keyword stuffing and invent a new word for your domain name to get even better results. Above mentioned were some of the small business SEO tips on domain selection which can be useful for small business needs.

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