​google penalty recovery service

Google Penalty Recovery Services

If your website has been issued algorithm penalty by Google, it is crucial that you do a thorough link audit, removal and recovery process that would help to optimize your chances of ranking well on Google search result pages again.

seo penalty recovery service

​DID Google penalized your website?

A Google penalty is a restriction that will be placed on a website to prevent it from ranking correctly on Google. In more severe cases, the penalty can affect your site and prevent it from ranking at all on search engine result pages (SERP).

This penalty usually occurs when a website has been identified to use unnatural SEO strategies like keyword stuffing to gain undue advantage. The penalty is as a result of violating Google’s quality guidelines.

seo penalty recovery service

​How google finds out spam

Google is always on guard by stopping websites that want to gain top positions through wrong ways such as through spamming.

The Google algorithm crawls every time looking for sites that have used crooked methods to rank highly. Google is always striving to stamp out spam by issuing penalties to websites that violate their laid down rules.

seo penalty recovery service

​Google link Auditing

We are continually receiving many inquiries from website owners looking for help in recovering from Google penalties. Our investigation has shown that many of these website owners use unnatural linking strategies.

At Best SEO Company Canada, we are always keeping up with Google search changes. ​We boast of a 100% success rate in helping to recover penalty-imposed websites and make them return to good ranking through the natural way.

seo penalty recovery service

​Google Panda recovery service

We understand the negative impact Google penalties, and algorithm modifications can have on your sites. That is why we have highly skilled and intelligent professionals who would help you extricate Google penalties.

Our Streamlined process and experience will help you return your website to a healthy state. Our dedicated link removal experts can help you recover your site with ease.

seo penalty recovery service

Our Penalty Recovery strategy

1.    Link Auditing – We do comprehensive auditing of your website’s backlinks to identify where you went wrong. We also analyze the quality of your backlinks to determine where the unnatural methods are being used and remove them to make your website rank well again

2.    Link Removal – We would remove backlinks that will be harmful and are identified as unnatural. Our Penalty recovery Experts will help to enhance your website’s chances of returning to top rankings.

3.    Recovery – This is the point that we start to build organic backlinks for your site. We would use the natural methods that are clearly in line with Google’s algorithm.

Why choose Best Seo Company Canada?

There are many reasons you have to choose us as your Google recovery experts. Here are a few of the reasons

​Website Link removal ​expertise

​​We clean up toxic backlinks with a 100% success rate.

Avoiding over Optimization

We look out for over-optimized anchor text, duplicate content, and malware.


in-depth ​Technical  Seo Audit

​We do an in-depth analysis of your website using best practices.


​​​Best SEO practices and guidelines

​Our in-house professionals thoroughly check all links. No outsourcing!

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