​Search Engine Marketing​ Canada

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of increasing traffic and online visibility through different search engines using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing and paid advertising. We follow the ethical SEO procedures to increase your website search engine ranking by deploying effective quality link building, social media, and content marketing. 

We can also help you to creatively manage your paid advertising campaigns on many result-oriented platforms and conduct keyword research for useful results.


Our Search Engine Marketing Approach

Our Search Engine marketing services assist you in avoiding many of the issues that relate to flopped search engine marketing campaigns such as:

  • Low Quality Score.
  • Failure to adequately implement on page seo requirements.
  • Having a website that is slow to load and clunky.
  • Not implementing the Content and Keywords mapping.
  • Rejected ads accounts.

PPC vs. SEO: which one is better?

When organizations are budgeting for digital marketing every year, there is always the dilemma of whether to go for SEO or PPC. But statistics have shown that SEO is more effective than PPC, but some organizations are still increasing budgets for Pay Per Click (PPC). 

PPC can drive traffic to your website in the short term immediately an online campaign starts without much conversion rate, but SEO is a long time strategy. Best SEO Company Canada combines the two approaches to deliver exceptional results for our clients.


​Our ​​​​​Pay Per Click strategy

PPC is one way to get quick leads which the sales team is in dire need of when the SEO is still just taking off. Best SEO Company Canada helps you all the way to achieve a successful campaign. We help to set up your account on paid platforms like Google Ads, ​YouTube Advertising, Facebook Advertising, etc.

We can also help to manage your social media campaigns. All of these are done after several brainstorming to deploy a well-detailed strategy. We use a powerful approach to ensure that visitors click on the Ad using special offers and promotions. We guarantee that the landing page optimization is to increase conversion rates.

Below is our detailed strategy for achieving a successful PPC campaign:

  • ​Setting up an account.
  • ​Keyword research along with budget setup.
  • ​Creation of Ad content.
  • ​Creation of a landing page.
  • ​Campaign bidding and monitoring.

Our Search Engine Optimization strategy

It is essential to understand that SEO is a process and not a one-off thing. Our approach includes a thorough audit of our client’s website. Part of the examination consists of SEO-friendly contents. Contents must be original.  Good content is key to a successful SEO.  After the website audit, we move into keyword/phrase research that will effectively enhance both website optimization and digital marketing.

We go all out for less competitive but highly searched keywords on different search engines. It is after these findings that SEO targeting is achieved appropriately. We would also closely monitor the metric success of the campaign and provide reports.​


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