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Technical SEO Auditing Services in Canada

SEO auditing is the foundation for traffic growth and unlocking great potentials for your website. At Best SEO Company Canada, we understand the importance of on-page and technical SEO. Our detailed technical SEO audits help in creating a foundation for organic search ranking improvements.

We have a team of well-spirited professionals who are capable of uncovering technical issues holding your website back to get the appropriate rankings that your site deserves.


Why SEO Audit for your website?

The very first step in improving your ranking on the search engine is to have a clear picture of the current search engine optimization of your website. Without a thorough SEO auditing of your website, it is likely that all your efforts will not give you a satisfactory search engine ranking.  We recommend an SEO audit to make a significant impact on your online presence.

Carrying out an SEO audit would immensely help us have a fair idea of the proper step to take to improve your search engine rankings. This step will assist us in ensuring that the work we put into off-page SEO and link building achieve the desired result.


Professional ​​​SEO Audit Services

​We would do a careful analysis of your website SEO to discover issues that may impact negatively on your organic traffic, crawling and indexing. If we find problems in these areas, we will work with you to provide a lasting solution. SEO auditing is our premium service, and undoubtedly we know how to do it best.

​A lot of work goes into launching a new website. We help to ensure everything is right before takeoff. We can help conduct analytics implementation, crawling optimization, site architecture and essential SEO elements like robots.txt and XML sitemap.


​Experienced ​SEO Consultants in Canada

We carry out SEO consulting and technical audits for all kinds of websites of different sizes.

The complexity of the website would determine the project duration. We have well-experienced professionals that are capable of carrying out the following:

1.    On-site SEO Auditing – We provide general technical SEO auditing to different websites before link building, as it helps to avoid a boomerang effect.

2.    Keyword & Market Research – Your site needs to align correctly with the right keyword. Our keyword research is intended to ensure that potential customers find you with ease. Improving your on-page optimization no doubt would help you align well with your goals.

3.    Site Migrations – We can help you migrate your website to a new domain. We ensure smooth migration without losing your current SEO rankings. We also help you to resolve any technical issues identified when migrating.

4.    Traffic Loss Analysis – We are specialists when it comes to recovery solutions for websites that have been hit by a loss of traffic. If your organic traffic is declining, you can consult us to help you halt the decline. We would check your website to determine why it is losing traffic.

Why choose Best Seo Company Canada?

​Pocket-Friendly ​

​Our services are very pocket-friendly. We like to work within your budget and ensuring that you get results for money spent.


Get ​Higher Rankings

​Our ​SEO Audit is well optimized on the search engine and helps many ​websites rank higher.



​We are always result-driven. As such, we do a lot of brainstorming to make sure your campaign succeed.


​experienced Team

​We are well experienced and work on the guidelines, laid by major search engines. ​Our SEO Audit has excellent results.