How to do Keyword Research for Small Business Toronto

​Almost every website is using keywords to reach its target audience. The main question is - how to stand out and bring them in? Your current keyword research strategy might not be so bad, but if it isn't helping you to fetch a lot of customers and stand out from the rest of the market, it is definitely not the best.

It is very important to create a unique keyword strategy to reach the audience. When you use it correctly, you are somewhat adapting to the tonality of your customers and bringing them in by reflecting that you know what they exactly need.

You might have a lot of competitors, and they are providing similar services, but the keywords, content, and presentation can have a major impact on attracting visitors.

How to craft the perfect keyword strategy?

 Use the search shaped keywords

Do not create your own creative keywords to offer your services, rather use those keywords which YOU would type if you were a customer of your business.

For example, if you own a pizza shop, your target keywords could be

  • ​Pizza shop Toronto
  • ​Best Pizza shop in Toronto
  • ​Online Pizza delivery in Toronto

Such "user intent" keywords can help you better than those "Get premium cheese crust pizza" kind of keywords.

​Use google and keyword research websites to complete your list

Go onto Google and type a portion of your keyword

For example,

Type "Toronto pizza."

and you'll get many suggestions by google like

  • "Toronto pizza menu."
  • "Toronto pizza delivery."
  • "Toronto pizza places."

such keywords are mostly searched by your target audience, and using them can generate effective results.

Also, you can refer to some good keyword research website to get keywords ideas with "high search volume."

​Keyword Difficulty

Try to minimize the keyword difficulty to the minimum. The harder the keyword is, the lesser is the chance for it to rank on the 1st page. This is because it has high competition, and they are already ranking on some major websites. This is why the SERPs may not prioritize and rank you for the same keyword.


While keyword research is a core part of SEO, it has substantially changed over the last few years. Crafting a profitable keyword strategy can be difficult, but if you concentrate less on strict keyword phrases and more on the user intent, context, and relevance - you can definitely craft one of the effective strategies with time.
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​​How to do Keyword Research and Content Creation for Small Business Toronto?

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