Tips to make your website Lightweight and Mobile-friendly

​If you have a website, it is important that the website should be lightweight, easy loading, and mobile-friendly.  You must have heard that over and over again millions of times, but how to actually turn your website into a "friendly" website?

1. Turning your website lightweight:

Faster connections and smooth website surfing have made everyone lazy. No one wants to wait while your website buffers for more than 5 seconds. If it continues to buffer, it has a high probability that the user might close it. You need to put your website on a diet to get a positive response from users as well the Google. Let's see how to do it.

a. Remove the excess ads - To make a good revenue, website owners often stuff their website with so many ads. Users hate it, and it is an issue for Google and Google news. Cut off some ads and let your website breathe for its purpose.

b. Enable the Caching and Compression - Just adding G ZIP can reduce your page load drastically.

c. Optimize your Images - Don't just resize the image; rather, create - compress and save the image properly.

d. Monitor your Hosting - Avoid opting for the servers, which already have a lot of sites on it and offer slow speed frequently.

2. Turning your website mobile-friendly

The maximum of the desktop crowd has shifted to mobiles today. If your website is not easy to handle with mobile, you are pissing off a lot of audiences. Make some significant changes to your website and make it mobile-friendly. How?

a. Let your website be responsive.

b. Make it easier to be navigated.

c. Avoid using Flash as far as possible.

d. Try to compress your image and CSS.

e. Magnify your buttons.

f. Include the view-port for meta descriptions.

g. Perform Regular Mobile Testing.


Also, it is important to realize that even if your website is working perfectly fine today, it may not work the same tomorrow. You need to conduct regular testing on your website so that you do not miss out on your visitors.

Keep tweaking your website wherever it is needful. Consider your mobile audience as the priority because they are substantially huge in the number. Make sure that you cut off the loading time to less than average and keep your website maintained with the latest updates. Also, check out the quality local SEO tips for small business.

​​How to make your website Lightweight and Mobile-friendly.

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