What is Tumblr Marketing ?

Tumblr seems to be the most undervalued social media platform. Tumblr is micro-blogging platform that can be used to target ​great audience most especially the youth. It is well known for its attraction to a younger audience. Tumblr is very useful platform that can drive massive traffic to your website, give your brand exposure and increase sales. 

Our Tumblr Marketing Strategy


increases visibility

This is a platform that has more than 300 million users. This number keeps growing as visitors always use Tumblr to search one thing or the other. Tumblr makes it the ideal place for increased brand exposure.

​increases ​rankings​

​The search engine well measures Tumblr links. Every post and “share” on Tumblr will help to drive your business to a greater height through the search engine rankings. Organic seo ​gets boosted via Tumblr.

Content is powerful

Micro-blogging is all about refreshing and exciting content, eye catchy photos, high quality videos, audio, text. Superb content can help to engage followers for a more extended period. ​

Professional Tumblr Marketing Services

At Best SEO Company Canada, we will give your business prominence through our robust and strategic Tumblr marketing that will push your brand or product in front of the people that are relevant to the growth of your business.

Our job is well cut out. We will attract and engage new followers and increase sales. Our Tumblr marketing is to help your business increase conversion rates.


Experienced Tumblr Marketing Team

We create an appealing and appropriate post that would engage your audience. We would build a community with active followers who would easily share your content with friends without hesitation, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website with ease. We help you drive traffic the ethical way.

​​We are not like other companies that engage in buying followers and likes. We don’t use the bot to drive traffic. All we do is to get human followers who are critical to the success of your business.  We have well-outlined strategies and ideas that would ultimately work and grow your business.


Why choose Best SEO Company Canada?

​Pocket-Friendly ​

​Our services are very pocket-friendly. We like to work within your budget and ensuring that you get results for money spent

​Optimized campaign

​Our Tumblr marketing is well optimized on the search engine and helps many people to reach you organically


​We are always result-driven. As such, we do a lot of brainstorming to make sure your campaign succeed

​Constant Monitoring

We monitor your campaign every day by following up and responding appropriately to all comments.


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